Advancing Innovative Therapeutic Solutions Targeting Inflammatory and Neurological Disorders

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Message from Executive Management

As new management, appointed late last year, we are advancing the development of novel medicines based on naturally occurring molecules that possess anti-inflammatory and other potentially therapeutic qualities...

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Our research goal is to develop medicines that treat chronic inflammatory conditions whilst minimizing the side-effects commonly associated with current anti-inflammatory medications. We are also developing treatments for neurologic conditions such as cigarette addiction. We work both independently and with academic and industry thought leaders to develop novel medicines that will treat these underserved patient populations. We currently have a number of medicines in development which target these therapeutic areas.

Research and Development
Dr. Michael Mullan, Chairman and CEO of Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals: This is a pivotal moment in the history of our company. Our ongoing transition reflects the new strategic focus of the company to fully exploit its current and emerging technologies by developing drug products to reduce the medical burden of chronic inflammatory disorders and nicotine addiction.
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